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Meet Madè

Madè (Mah-Day) is a young Balinese boy in Dire need of a Urologist for a fairly simple correction. He has a hypospadius.   He lives in a small village in Bali not far from the Volcano Mount Agung. This innocent child is in need of assistance to lead a normal life. Though his family has nothing, they give you Prayers of Good Karma and will give away the small portions of food such as fruits and fish to you and go themselves not eating.

In March 2020, Madè took the first step by seeing a local doctor. The doctor says it will take only 3 operations if no complications. 100% raised will go to help Madè and his Family! That I promise you!

Help Smart Paws & Joey Romer with Madè’s Medical Fund.

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Help those pups in need! Smart Paws gives out flea and tick prevention when we have funds available to help with keeping your dog healthy and clean!

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