We pride ourselves in being able to train all breeds.

(Except maybe kids!)

Joey is a retired Saint Johns County Sheriff’s Deputy. He started training dogs at age 11. He has trained with the Renowned German Police K9 Dog Trainer Sascha Bartz in Germany. He has over 40 years of training experience. He specializes in behavioral issues, obedience, protection, tracking, odor detection and also an evaluator for Canine Good Citizen with the AKC.a

Joey was a member of the K9 unit of the St Johns County Sheriffs Office for 18 years and served as a K9 Sergeant. Prior to his retirement, he was the head of training for the department’s K9 unit. These K9s were trained for bomb, weapon or drug detection, human tracking, search and rescue, criminal apprehension, handler protection or a mixture of any of the above.

Joey has trained and certified Police K9 units with both American K9 Detection Services LLC and Southern Coast K9. He as worked with K9’s in multiple countries such as Germany, Panama, and Indonesia. As a certified AKC trainer, he will assist you with all training needs.

Joey has received world renown training and brought that knowledge back to share with you.


Over 40 years of training experience with multiple breeds.


Joey prides himself in being able to work with any canine.

Meet Our
Training Team

Joey's Smart Paws Obedience is very much in demand. He is often booked out for weeks for private sessions; so Joey took the time to train some amazing assistants and he works with awesome associates.

Training Partners
Zac Thomas
T3 K-9 Obedience & Protection
Zac has been training animals most of his life. He has become an associate of Smart Paws filling the need for additional trainers.
Cloe Gilmore
Smart Paws 2
Cloe has worked with Smart Paws for the last 2 Yrs. She is an excellent trainer and would be happy to schedule a private session with you.

Properly trained, a man can be a dog’s best friend.

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